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The Resuscitation Tailor is the US distributor for Openhouse Products including the SCRAM™  line. The Resus Tailor is dedicated to providing solutions for resuscitationist to provide quality, evidence based care. The Resuscitation Tailor is based in Roanoke, VA.
We also supply a large range of off the shelf bags, medical equipment and consumables, as well as supporting a huge range of other sectors. Read on to learn more about our family business roots, our innovations and our unique, problem solving approach.

About The Resus Tailor

Openhouse Solutions

Openhouse Products are the leading manufacturer for Emergency Services and Health sector across the UK. We also supply a large range of off the shelf bags, medical equipment and consumables, as well as support a huge range of other sectors.

The Structured CRitical Airway Management (SCRAM) Bags

The SCRAM™ System is a structured, reproducible approach to airway management, standardizing, and optimally organizing equipment and drugs prior to the procedure being required. The SCRAM™ System becomes a meaningful cognitive offloading tool, and facilitates airway planning by reducing the time to intervention, reducing error, standardizing practice and promoting good governance.This is of particular importance now during the Covid-19 pandemic with increased cognitive demands of managing oneself, the team, the environment, the associated risks of error and time to intervention.

The Creators of SCRAM

SCRAM™ (Structured CRitical Airway Management), invented by Paul Swinton and Neil Sinclair, was designed and developed to improve the time and safety of the delivery of pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia and tracheal Intubation. Over the past five years, as the community of clinicians using SCRAM™ in both the pre-hospital and hospital environments has grown, so has the diverse feedback, providing us with unique insight into how SCRAM™ is used by high performance teams within different clinical settings. This has enabled us to refine the design to meet the needs of the clinician, into what is now the current version.