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Enhancing the Performance of Emergency Airway Management

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SCRAM™ enhances the performance of airway management by focusing on process improvement through design. Systemization, standardization, cognitive offloading, human factors and good governance are core principles to the design and philosophy of SCRAM™. Whereas most other manufacturers focus on the storage and transportation of equipment.


Research Supporting SCRAM™

SCRAM organization may improve cognitive bandwidth in cardiac arrest

van Schuppen, H., Boomars, R., Kooij, F. et al. Optimizing airway management and ventilation during prehospital advanced life support in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A narrative review. Clinical Anaesthesiology Nov 16, 2020

“The SCRAM bag facilitates a quicker, less challenging kit dump with significantly fewer errors.”

Schyma, B.M., Wood, A.E., Sothisrihari, S. et al. Optimising remote site airway management kit dump using the SCRAM bag—a randomised controlled trial. Perioper Med 9, 11 (2020).

SCRAM organization may improve cognitive bandwidth in cardiac arrest

Swinton P., Corfield A.R., Moultrie C. et al. Impact of drug and equipment preparation on pre-hospital emergency Anaesthesia (PHEA) procedural time, error rate and cognitive load. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2018;26(1):82. Published 2018 Sep 21. doi:10.1186/s13049-018-0549-3


One of five new additions to the SCRAM™ family, this bag incorporates the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Tactical SCRAM™ is an emergency airway bag designed to enhance the performance of emergency airway management within the tactical environment by providing a compact, structured, reproducible approach.

Key features:

  • Checklist product pouch
  • Gross motor indicators reduce cognitive load
  • Pull-out surgical airway kit dump with two approaches depending on technique utilized
  • 12 in x 10 in x 5.5 in (H x W x D)


SCRAM™ bags are made out of micrAgard which is designed to anti-microbial, fire retardant, and environmentally friendly.  We strive to do as much as we can to ensure Infection Control is as easy as possible, and in addition to being anti-microbial to prevent cross contamination of bacteria, they also meet the CAA and EASA standards for being flame retardant if required.

micrAgard has been confirmed by independent testing to be 99.09% effective against COVID. Using micrAgard products therefor not only offers protection but also helps to prevent the spread of this disease.

Tactical SCRAM™

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  • Structured
  • Organized
  • Reduced Cognitive Load



  • What is your return policy?You’ll receive a refund minus shipping of your returns if you initiate the return within 30 days of receiving the item. Pre-order items are included and the refund window starts once you receive the products.
    The products must be undamaged and clean to receive a refund.
  • I want to try the standard bags out before buying them for my organization, how can I do this?To try any SCRAM bag you’ll need to purchase the bag to test drive it. We don’t have enough samples to be able to send to everyone. During the pre-sale we have a very limited number of samples of the standard range bags and may be able to send a sample to you. You will need to pay for shipping both ways. Drop us a line arrange a standard range sample.
  • How can I try out the SCRAM Bags?Purchase at least 1 of every SCRAM bag you think your service will use. We’ll send you the bags once we receive them. You’ll have 30 days to evaluate them. You can use them in sim, on a truck, or in your facility. Just make sure to wipe them down with chlorine or alcohol-based solution.
    Make sure they’re undamaged and clean before returning them.
  • Do you have quantity discounts?SCRAM bags can receive a discount after 10 bags.
    For the standard range it will depend on which bag you’re purchasing. In general you’ll receive a discount after 5 bags.
    Paying by check will receive a 2% discount.
  • How can I get an invoice?Not a problem, email us and we’ll send you one. Make sure to include your name, organization, address, email, phone number, and type/quantity of the products you’d like.