Adult SCRAM™ Bag


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The Adult SCRAM bag is an Emergency Airway Bag providing a structured approach to airway management when getting it right first time really matters. It forms a system of advanced preparation and organization of equipment and drugs; promoting the delivery of safe, timely, and well-governed pre-hospital emergency airway management.

Key features:

  • Surgical kit dump – pull-out panel rapidly deploys the surgical, weighted airway kit dump. Once deployed it offers a “clean slate” to work off and its colour clearly indicates a change in approach from the previous attempt at intubation. It can be set up overlaying the original kit dump or easily removed from its velcro attachment to set up a second kit dump for a planned surgical airway
  • Gross motor indicators – (yellow & blue tags) signpost the location of the relevant equipment required for the intervention, and to help reduce cognitive load. (i.e. yellow denoting surgical airway, blue denoting equipment for thoracostomy)
  • Drug storage loops so you can have drugs (pre-drawn drugs) readily available
  • Checklist pouch which is clearly visible and easy to access.
  • Secure storage of laryngoscopes, HEM filters, pre-filled syringes for RSI, and rescue devices

You can find the full recommended kit list here.

Weight2.65 lbs
Dimensions19 × 14 × 5 in


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